Arbeitsdisziplin, Squat Rozbrat, Poznań 2002

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„[…] ARBEITSDISZIPLIN (2002). It consists of a light box, a postcard with an image of the Volkswagen factory in Poznan seen from behind a wire fence and a video which features a guard filmed from behind the fence who watches the factory’s facilities. In its visual aspects, the work provokes associations with a concentration camp (barbed wire, the “chimney” of the factory with the VW logo). At the same time, it alludes to both the not always glorious history of the German company and the problem of contemporary corporate discipline. The planned exhibition ARBEITSDISZIPLIN in 2002 in the Municipal Gallery Arsenal in Poznan was censored, probably in the aftermath of some external intervention.” [Karol Sienkiewicz, November 2006/]


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